Our Quality Control facilities.

Industrial Health Registration

In 1996, PLASTICS Guadalaviar, Inc. implanted and Certified System Quality Management according to ISO 9001, which remains. The System of Quality Management has been developed to ensure product conformity to customer requirements and continually improve its effectiveness, through identifying the needs of all stakeholders in the organization.

For the implementation of the System of Quality Management has applied the principles of Process Management as a methodology that allows the participation of internal and external customers of the organization in continuous quality improvement and assurance of compliance requirements of customers.

Guadalaviar PLASTICS, Inc. adopted as a form of work organization, the grouping of functions and processes specialized tasks, enabling fully manage each of the activities or processes that the company makes. Defined processes and their sequence and interaction, have been represented in the Process Map of the organization.
The support system and management control of our processes, aims to help improve the management of the company and facilitate decision-making. The scope of control of this system include:

- Client: time, quality, satisfaction, loyalty, etc..
- Personal.
- Costs.

Its use ensures the availability of information on cost, performance and quality of processes and feedback from customers and staff.
Indicators designed to analyze the outcome of the processes and are the starting point for taking necessary actions to achieve planned results and continual improvement.