"Quality and Design by tradition to serve the Customer"

Packaging design and technical parts adapted to every need of our customers is a work in which our experience is an important part in developing thorough personal study to obtain the best result for this, we first performed a study of use that will give the vessel or piece, depending on the applications and needs of our client. Taking into account the most factors that influence the container or part, both functionally, and externally.

Develop forms, capabilities, collars, weights, measurements, materials, etc.. It also takes into account factors of transportation, with the possibility of approvals ADR, RID, IMDG, ICAO, IATA. The study of needs and factors that influence the container or part, we design sketches (drawings) and following our process under our system of Quality Management ISO 9001, and the approvals of our client develops a model for "touch" the actual size and shape of the final design, prior to mold process.

For the manufacture of molds, we have the possibility of making a prototype mold for resorting to multiple molds. Molders and mold makers are our highly acclaimed prestige of National and the most extensive experience and can make molds in many different materials and shapes, as the idea of ​​duration of individual projects.

Having completed the molds and dies, we proceed to the first check fabrications where together with our customers and once given the nod and the most advanced technical means of production, becomes the final product produced in series, giving terminating the process.

"Entrust your project, packaging, technical parts you need."

PET Designs